Employee Benefits

Health and Dental Insurance

  • The City provides health and dental insurance coverage at no charge to City employees
  • The employee pays an additional premium for dependent coverage
  • Premiums are payroll deducted and are normally on a pre-tax basis

Retirement System

  • The City's retirement system is a benefit for permanent full-time employees with costs shared by the employee (5%). Deductions are on a pre-tax basis
  • The City makes contributions on behalf of employees (typically around 7%)
  • Full vesting after 7 years
  • Optional Defined Contribution fund

Life Insurance

  • Employees receive life insurance coverage equivalent to 1x their annual salary at no cost to the employee
  • Employees with dependent health insurance receive life insurance coverage in the amount of $10,000 for spouse and $5,000 for children

Other Insurance

  • Life insurance, cancer, accident, pre-paid legal, long-term care, and supplemental disability plans may be purchased by employees at group rates through payroll deduction

Vacation Leave

  • Up to 240 hours of vacation leave can be carried over from the end of one calendar year into another
  • The amount of leave earned is based on the length of total service. Leave amounts are indicated below:
Years of Service Hours Earned Annually
Less than 10 years 80 hours
10 but less than 15 years 120 hours
More than 15 years 160 hours

Sick Leave

  • All full-time employees earn a total of 80 hours of sick leave annually
  • Sick leave can accumulate up to 800 hours and can be used for illness of immediate family members that require the employee's care


  • City employees typically observe 12 paid holidays in a calendar year

Educational Assistance

  • Up to $2,100 of tuition reimbursement is available to employees that participate in an approved degree plan relevant to municipal government or duties of the position held by the employee

Birthday Pay

  • Employees who have completed one year of employment with the City will receive an additional paycheck totaling the amount equivalent to one week of regular pay on the first payday of their birth month