Restoration Project

Help to restore the Angel Statue at Highland Cemetery.

The goal amount for the restoration of the Angel Statue is $1000.

The restoration process will be done by Local Artist, Janie Umsted. Excess funds will be used for beautification of Highland Cemetery.

All Donors will be recognized at a formal ceremony, upon competition of the repairs.

Donations can be made by phone (580) 931-6646 – Please specify Cemetery Statue Restoration Project 

Donations can also be made by mail or in person at : City of Durant, Clerk’s Office, 300 West Evergreen, Room 103, Durant, OK 74701. Please note “Cemetery Statue Restoration Project” on the envelope.

Blank 6 x 4 in (3)

- Oden Grube & Jimmy Grube in Memory of Keith Hendrix

- Steve & Elizabeth Brittingham

- Mike Morris in Memory of Deen Morris

- Jean Masoner in Memory of Joe P. Masoner

- Matt Swearengin in Memory of Bob & B.L. Swearengin

- Glenn & Cynthia Price in Memory of Virginia, Charles &      Jonathan Price

- Candy Platter Horsley in Memory of Allen & Paula Platter

- Sally Clark in Memory of Herb Clark & Roger Clark

- Jo Nelson in Memory of Joe Ben McCarty

- Mary Veenstra in Memory of Sam & Vera Bokies

- Colonial Monument Company, Denison Texas

- Jim & Pam Branscum

- Tom Marcum

- Joyce Northcutt

- Charles Buchmann

Professional Services Donated:

- Durant Marble and Granite - Installation of poured concrete foundation for statue.

- 3B Grave Services - Transported the statue from Highland Cemetery to Janie Umsted's art studio. 3B Grave Services will also transport the statue back to Highland and place it in its new location once the restoration is complete.