Mike Morris

I have lived in Durant my whole life except for two years and have been a registered voter of the City of Durant for over 4 decades. I was born in Sherman, Texas, and when I was one year old my family moved to northern California to join other family members seeking their fortune. Two years later my father passed away and we returned to Durant, were we took deep root. We were typical Oklahoma Grapes of Wrathers.

I went completely through Durant's public system and then attained a bachelor's degree at SOSU in math. Then I moved to Stillwater and spent four years in graduate school, again in math. I returned to Durant and taught math and computer science at SOSU for two years before making a 13-year career working in Durant in the Information Technology field. In 1997, I returned to teaching at SOSU and spent 19 more years as a professor. I was lucky enough to retire in 2016.

I have always taken a deep interest in city affairs and began attending City County meetings just after retirement. I decided to get even more involved with the inner workings of the city and successfully ran for a City Council seat in my ward. As I write this, I am a greenhorn and I am already amazed at the many things one needs to learn to effectively help make such a great city operate for the betterment of all citizens. I hope to achieve goals to make this happen and look forward to working with everyone in a positive, sensible and responsible environment. My door is always open and my phone, texts and emails are answered.