Polycart Rules


  • Place all trash inside the cart
  • Keep lid closed at all times
  • Use water and household detergent to sanitize the cart as needed
  • Place only household trash in the cart


  • Place hot substances such as charcoal or firewood embers in the cart
  • Place flammables such as gasoline in the cart
  • Place dead animals in the cart
  • Place construction materials in the cart


  • Set cart at curb with arrows on lid pointing toward the street no sooner than the night before assigned pick up day
  • Be sure cart is within 2 feet of the curb and a reasonable distance away from mailboxes and vehicles
  • The resident is responsible for safekeeping of the cart and must promptly report damage, loss or theft to the Utility Office
  • The resident may be charged for replacement ($90) or repair beyond normal wear and tear (varied amount)
  • All carts remain the property of the City of Durant and are to remain at the residence to which they are assigned - do not move them if moving to a new address
  • If a holiday falls on assigned pick up day, trash will be picked up on the Wednesday of that week (see holiday pick up schedule for dates observed)
  • An extra cart can be requested at an additional cost of $11.45/month by authorized persons on utility account