Line Maintenance Leak Process

  • Leak is reported.
  • On site visit is conducted to mark for locates and determine severity.
  • Leak is called in for utility locates to be completed.                                                             1. These locates must be performed in order to ascertain any other utility lines                  in/around the location we will be digging                                                                   2. These locates are required by law                                                                               3. If the severity is high, meaning loss of property or potentially dangerous to                   people, an “emergency locate” will be called in to be completed within 24hours.      4. If the severity is standard (most common), then a standard locate will be called            in, which are typically completed in 2-3 days.
  • Leak is placed on tasking roster in the order it was received unless it was an emergency. At which point, it will take priority over previously called in leaks. 
  • Once the leak is in “Locate Complete” status it will be slotted into the next available task opening. 
  • Once a crew arrives at the site to affect repairs, it is important to note the following:         1. Any number of large vehicles may be required                                                           2. Street closures may also be required, which are coordinated through the street           department for major traffic areas                                                                               3. The noise level may be sufficiently increased based on the types of equipment           used                                                                                                                             4. Once the leak has been uncovered, by tractor or shovel, we may find that a                 larger area around the leak must be uncovered to affect repairs
  • Once the repairs are complete:                                                                                           1. Any holes will be filled in based on the type of hole that was dug                               2. Ground holes will be filled in and smoothed out to match the level of the ground           surrounding it. We do not re-plant grass.                                                                     3. Road/Street Holes are filled in with specialized gravel and screenings. The site           is then turned into the Street Department for patch work.