Line Maintenance Tap Process

  • Water/Sewer Taps are requested through the Utility Billing Office, not through the Utility Line Maintenance Department.                                                                                   a. Go to the Utility Billing Office and fill out a Tap Request Application                           b. This will generate a work order for the Utility Line Maintenance Department 
  • We will conduct a ground survey of the site where the tap has been requested.                 a. We will visit the site and measure the distances needed for the request                   b. We will determine what type of digging/cutting will be required                                       (ground dig, road cut, etc…)                                                                                       c. We will determine the materials to be used and the amount of labor needed             d. This information is then put into a formula which will determine the price point             for your tap request                                                                                                     e. We turn the request form back into Utility Billing with the price attached 
  • Utility Billing notifies the resident/business owner of the price. 
  • The resident/business owner pays for the tap. 
  • A work order is now generated to us for installation of the tap.
  • That work order is placed on the tasking roster in the order it was received.
  • Once that tap installation reaches an open slot in the tasking order, it will be completed.