Pioneer Cemetery

Pioneer Cemetery was the first municipal cemetery opened in the City of Durant. It is located off of NE 2nd Street next to the Public Works department for the City of Durant. It is the final resting place of Dixon Durant, founder of our city. Pioneer Cemetery is no longer available for new burials, but it is open to the public throughout the year. Any inquiries should be directed to Cynthia Price, Cemetery Superintendent. Her office is located at Durant City Hall, or you may contact her by telephone at (580) 931-6641.

"Fisher Durant and family settled in this area following the Choctaw removal from Mississippi in 1834. Dixon, his son, was granted land for his own use from that held in severalty by the Choctaw Nation. This cemetery was a part of the grant and became the burial plot for the Durant family. The U.S. government survey of Choctaw lands permitted individual ownership in 1902. A patent was secured for this acreage but was sold in 1903. From 1902-1912 the plot was sold several times. In 1912 the owners deeded the property to the city of Durant, Oklahoma."