Rules & Regulations

Durant City Pool

  1. Children under the age of 14 MUST be accompanied by an Adult the age of 18 years or older.
  2. No Rainy Day Refunds - unless the pool is closed prior to 2:30 PM during the 12:30 PM - 5:00 PM session.
  3. Bathing suits are REQUIRED!! Your bathing suit must have a liner.
  4. Patrons are required to shower before entering pool.
  6. Profanity, improper behavior, fighting or vulgar language WILL NOT be tolerated  (termination from pool and pool area will be enforced) 
  7. Food is NOT ALLOWED in pool area
  8. NO RUNNING (Time out enforced for breaking the rules)
  9. Only SOLID WHITE T-SHIRTS allowed in water
  10. Only Coast Guard Approved life jackets are permitted. Life jackets are permitted only in the shallow area of the pool  (NO arm floats, water wings, personal rafts, floats or toys)
  12. No display of affection at anytime (This is a family atmosphere)
  13. Diving is ONLY allowed off of the diving boards
  15. When entering pool by ladder you MUST go down backward and hold onto rails
  16. Swim diapers MUST be worn under swimsuits by children that are not toilet trained
  17. No hanging, playing or sitting on ladders or ropes
  18. All swimmers must have a contact telephone number in case of emergency or inclement weather
  19. Anyone with open sores or any infectious diseases are NOT permitted in pool area
  20. Diving Board Rules:   A. Only one person at a time  B. Only one bounce    C. No backward dives or flips (Going toward the board)    D. No life jackets, goggles, mask or other flotation devices allowed   E. You must swim to the ladder immediately after going off board     F. No Pregnant persons allowed on diving board
  21. Slide Rules:  A. Only one person on the ladder of slide at a time  B. Only one person sliding at a time  C. You MUST be at least 42” tall to slide (or Pass a swim test)  D. Feet first sliding only  E. Slide sitting up or lying on you back  F. Swim directly to the ladder of the pool  G. No Pregnant person allowed on slide  H. No life jackets, goggles, masks or other flotation devices allowed  I. You MUST be a strong swimmer to go down the slide 
  22. WHISTLES (IF YOU HEAR)  A. One Whistle- a rule has been broken-look at the lifeguard to see who they are talking to  B. Three Whistles-CLEAR POOL IMMEDIATELY (EMERGENCY)