What Happens When You Call 911

In order to correctly assess the situation for a prioritized response, you will be asked certain questions which are vital to the safety of the caller and the responding Officer(s).

When you call 911, the emergency communications officer will routinely ask you the location of the emergency, your name, phone number, and the type of emergency you have. This information is crucial for many reasons. The main reason for providing the information asked is to efficiently and effectively provide emergency services for the caller.

Be Prepared to Provide:

  • Call Status (In-progress, Just Happened, Yesterday, Last week, Etc.)
  • Critical Information (Weapons, Injuries, Description of Suspect and Direction of Travel)
  • Location of Caller
  • Location of Emergency (related information such as cross roads or landmarks)
  • Name
  • Phone Number
  • Type of Call (Burglary, Medical, Disturbance, Motor Vehicle Accident, Etc.)