Personnel within the Durant Police Department are assigned to several different divisions. Each division works conjointly with the common goal of safeguarding the lives and property of the people we serve, reducing the incidence and fear of crime, while working with the community to improve their quality of life.
  1. Chaplains

    Our volunteer chaplains program officially started in December 1997 with the appointment of LaWanda Mabery as chaplain.

  2. Investigations

    Investigator's duties range from normal burglary investigations to complex financial crimes, and Homicide.

  3. Who They Are

    View information about the drug recognition experts at the Durant Police Department.

  4. K-9

    The K-9 teams are trained in narcotics detection, suspect apprehension, handler protection and other specialized duties.

  1. Patrol

    Officers within this division are the uniformed officers typically seen patrolling the streets and responding to calls for service.

  2. Police Training Officer Program

    Policing has changed a great deal over the past several years and, as a result, training systems must be in place to keep pace.

  3. Reserves

    The Durant Police Reserve Unit was first formed in 1982 and coordinated by Ardie Ballew. 29 years later, Ballew is still coordinating reserve efforts as Reserve Chief of Police.